Cameron uses his experience as a golf coach to convey inspiring insights into what it takes to build a consistent, lasting and impactful life and business. He draws powerful parallels between success and fulfillment as a player and coach and that of a leader in business and society. These parallels are birthed out of an understanding that every major success that has ever been achieved has come about through the mastery of fundamentals.

Cameron has previously been a member of the Professional Golfers Association of South Africa. His experience includes coaching across the globe in places such as Hawaii, Miami, Maine, Frankfurt, New Delhi, Gujarat (India) and Cape Town. Outside of coaching, Cameron has also co-founded a technology start up. It has been this coaching and business experience that has helped him develop his life and leadership philosophy.

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Cameron’s engaging, humorous and focused style has been well received by various business and societal leaders locally and internationally and is sure to add value to your team, organization or business.

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Motivational Talks

Cameron provides a series of motivational insights that are aimed at encouraging reflection and inspiring change.

Conference Speaker

Cameron’s presentations and half day seminars are designed and tailor-made for specific audiences.


Big or small, Cameron is passionate about sharing insights with those that are serving communities and uplifting lives.

"Cameron's motivational talk was definitely the dynamite we as 2KO delegates needed to motivate ourselves"

LyndonIT Student - 2KO International

“Having listened to Cameron’s talks on different platforms I knew that his are life lessons that would make people richer. I highly recommend him to anyone for your life-coaching."

Bishop Tshalo KatsungaFounder & Chairman - Advanced Leadership Academy

We believe that his gifts, experience, lessons and stories will benefit any fortunate enough to hear from him.

Ryan TerMorshuizenSenior Pastor, Common Ground Church


Cam is always willing to chat about anything you may have in mind, so just drop him a mail and he’ll be sure to get back to you.

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