We all have certain aptitudes for different things. For some it’s an ability to work out complex equations and for others it’s writing beautiful poetry. For some it’s long distance running and for others it’s painting. We all have abilities to do certain things, things which we are more suited to doing, due to our personality, up bringing and training.

Some of these things we do fairly casually and they don’t seem like much but then there are those things we do, better than most, which grip us. It’s not some fleeting experience of touching something great; it goes much deeper than that.

No matter where you go, what you do or what comes your way, it’s this thing that you can’t lose grip of.

For those who hone and develop their unique ability, their gift is compounded and they reach levels they didn’t ever think were even possible. Their ability grows, their vision grows and their passion grows. All this growth creates a cycle that draws in opportunity upon opportunity and with that the habitual ability to take full advantage of those opportunities.

But for those that, through fear, choose not to pursue that thing that they have been blessed with, they choose to lose the very thing that could take them on a journey through life that is exceedingly and abundantly far beyond anything they could even ask for or imagine.

When you follow your passion and you develop your unique ability, you move away from the typical comparisons we make with other people, you move away from being discontent with they way life is going. When you pursue your passion, when you live it, you are always where you need to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing, touching who you need to be touching and living for what you are supposed to be living for.

When you find it, it makes you come alive; there is no question about what you should be doing. There are many examples of those who have pursued their passions, who have had to “start over” and “sacrifice” to move ahead with their dreams, which have found a life that is not only successful but also rewarding and full.

We were not designed to live our one and only life in this world doing things we know are not the right fit for us because we have to “create wealth” or “live comfortably” or “get ahead”. No! We were designed and hand crafted to be a certain way to pursue a certain path to exercise our specific abilities to make not only our lives but the lives of every person we come into contact with immeasurably better than before!

It is our conditioning of what success is that keeps us from doing the very thing that will ultimately makes us truly successful.

It’s not so much the fear of not having things that scares us; it’s the fear of not having anything to give that terrifies us.

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