We all have goals and dreams, challenges and dead ends and we spend a great deal of energy trying to figure out how we are going to make those dreams come true or how we are going to find our way out of the difficulties facing us. While its constructive to plan and think and be proactive, it isn’t a good thing when we lose hope and vision because we can’t see or find a way to accomplish those things that we deeply desire to achieve, whether it’s realizing a dream or overcoming a challenge. However if you look at the word “HOW” you can see a word that should give you tremendous hope, a word that should reignite the fire to climb that mountain or conquer that obstacle, a word made of the same letters, a word that changes everything, that word is “WHO”.

Here’s what I mean; When your car needs a service or when it breaks down, you might try and work out how to fix it for a while but when you run out of ideas you take your car to someone that knows how to fix it, someone reliable, someone that has a deep understanding of how the car works and what will make it run perfectly again. We don’t know exactly how they will fix it but you know they will. The same is true for if your plumbing is in a mess or if you want to build a brand new house. You get the experts in and all of a sudden it becomes all about WHO and less about HOW.

I’ve spent countless mornings and nights paining over how I should do things and how things are going to turn out but recently I thought about Who. The Who that created the universe with the words He spoke, the Who that knows the past, the present and the future. The Who, who never lies, the Who that brings love, joy, peace, kindness and grace. The Who that is the very embodiment of love and truth and the Who that see the infinite value that you and I possess. The Who that made you and me. When your mind and heart focus on the ability and promise of our Who, you let go of trying and straining to achieve all these things and overcome our challenges. Sometimes our dreams and or challenges seem to great for us to achieve and overcome, that’s when we play a game of scrabble with ourselves and change our HOW to WHO!

Change your mind, change your focus, change your life.

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